Transistor Show Table (for sale)

Almost all equipment has electronics. A key element in electronics is a Transistor. Menperium designed a show table sculpture with the shape of a Transistor symbol, as you can see on the left and right side of the frame. People that are familiar with electronics will recognize it immediately. For mechanical stability, a resistor symbol supports the frame at the back. The show table is meant for demo materials or folders. Furthermore, the show-table conveys the passion to electronics. Visitors will be attracted and will remember for a long time.

More technical details

The arrows, that characterize the show table is 3D printed. Thanks to a few screws they cannot be rotated. All tube ends are terminated with lids. The table top is made of 15mm thick plexiglass and supported by two bars to avoid bending. The iron scaffolding tubes with a diameter of 48.3mm, make the sculpture solid. In total, it weighs about 50kg. The dimensions of the show table on the picture are; height x width x depth = 190cm x 110cm x 90cm and the tabletop is 100cm x 60cm. Dimensions can be different on request. It is possible to make the pipe at the top of the resistor longer. Then a screen could be placed in the middle. Information can be shown or Menperium can provide inspirational quotes, as you can find on the Blog page.

Shipment & Installing

The picture on the right is taken at Elect High-Tech Electronics in Weerselo (NL) for an article in the University of Twente Alumni magazine. Basically, we ship and install the sculpture over the entire world. Travel, staying and shipment costs will be charged to the customer. If you are interested, let us know.

Sculpture, making of

The frist CAD drawing. Scaffolding tubes texture and screen in the middle. Material list, not fully complete at that time.
3D printed arrow including holes for screws. A test to get an impression of sizes. Later, the resistor is turned around to see less screws.
Last check before dismounting and shipment. Great installment, straight and symmetric. Placed at the entrance where customer wait.
The tabletop of 100cm x 60cm. Menperium logo is engraved. A photo of the photoshoot for the UT Alumni article.

Sculpture name: "TRANSISTOR SCULPTURE 2019" The name is engraved in 2020 as a nice addition.

If you have any comments or want more information about the sculpture, let me know. It is always nice to know whether you enjoined it, so please send me an email anyway. Looking forward to your response.