Inspire to Aspire

A successful contribution to what is important to us is most fulfilling, especially when it concerns our loved ones. It is not only the fulfillment that makes us tick, it is the essential need of humans to contribute and be appreciated. To me it is so frustrating when things I do, do not lead to anything, which happens once in a while. Before we can work towards something we need to understand what is important to us, and that is where the clue is. It is Menperium's goal to make you think about what you want to achieve and to provide insights that can help you to reach your goals. Menperium provides lectures, in English and Dutch, that will inspire you to work on your aspirations. Successful contribution, and therefore fulfillment and happiness, comes through action. The doing and perseverance can only come from yourself.

Every day we use many different technologies and live in a rather complicated world. Luckily, anything can be depicted in a comprehend way, so that it becomes understandable for most people. To find our way towards our goals it is very beneficial to understand the essence of concepts so that complex systems or situations can be brought down to the fundaments and principles that are used. Insight in the essence can help you to apply the similar principles or ideas for your own benefit. Menperium creates sculptures that show the essence of a concept. Preferably kinetics and electronics are used so that you can literally see and experience the principle. Sculptures can show a general concept as well as a company’s product. It will hopefully stimulate your creativity and that is what we need to contribute in our unique way.

If you are interested in lectures that stimulate your aspirations or like to obtain an inspiring sculpture, please contact us.

The Team

The Menperium team consist of Clemens Mensink and Fabienne Heijne. Read their biographies below.

Biography Clemens Mensink

Neil Sheridan re-wrote my biography in August 2015, such that I'm proud to repeat it here:

Clemens Mensink earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, in 1996. After completing his studies, Clemens worked for Philips Semiconductors as a chip-design engineer for analog television systems. Next, he joined Ericsson being given responsibility as a project manager for a Bluetooth transceiver. In 2000, he was charged with starting up a new facility for Agere Systems, at that time market leader in WiFi chip-sets. After the successful opening of the plant, Clemens was named the site manager and team leader for 20 technical and managerial staff. In the highly competitive WiFi arena, Agere ultimately did not succeed against its larger competitors. Clemens was recruited to join Bruco, a chip design company in the Netherlands, where he was responsible for both a design team of 15 people and oversight of marketing and sales. Despite being named as a member of the Bruco management team, Clemens aspired to have his own company. In 2007, he started the high-tech chip-design company Axiom IC with a few others that grew to 23 people – nearly all of whom were electrical engineers with either Master or PhD degree. In building and leading these companies for others and ultimately himself, Clemens gained deep experience and insights into effectively working with professionals. By 2013, Clemens’ company attracted the attention of Teledyne DALSA, headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. Teledyne made an attractive offer for the company which it then merged into its own research and design operations. Clemens was asked to come to DALSA, where he was responsible for business development. Clemens Mensink holds 3 patents and over 10 scientific publications. Personal development is one of his core values. In his professional life, he pursued courses in management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. His international work experience bridges from Europe to the United States and Canada. Clemens lived for 4 months in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) and travelled many times overseas. Clemens is eager to find the essence of matter and is interested in physics and many technically related topics as well as the essence that inspires and drives people. Being creatively open to visualizing nearly anything as well as setting long-term goals are key self-motivation techniques for him. With his enterprise Menperium, he deploys his aspirations to inspire people by means of lectures and kinetic sculptures.

Currently, Clemens is working with AnSem to expand the design capabilities in Enschede, the Netherlands, close to the University of Twente. The mission of AnSem is to create innovative chips and to be the leading design center in Europe. AnSem is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.

Biography Fabienne Heijne

Fabienne Heijne is a creative product developer. While studying Creative Technology at the University of Twente she developed a curiosity for mechanics, electronics and product design. Fabienne graduated in august 2016 with an impressive plexiglas construction, consisting of moving parts and light tracks. This installation is a representation of the 'Spirit of CreaTe (Creative Technology)', which visualizes the activity of Creative Technology students which form a network at the University of Twente campus. The beautiful installation caught the eye of Menperium, where she works as form October 2016, to translate high level proposals into an appealing sculpture.