Insight in the inside

There is so much interesting technology around us. Sometimes it can astonish us and looks like magic. Fortunately, any system can be simplified to a degree that the essence is revealed. Understanding the essence of concepts is so valuable since the underlying principles can be applied to many situations in daily life. Comprehending the essence inspires and is essential to be creative. Creativity enables us to solve problems, which adds value. Adding value is one of the important dimensions of life. Menperium makes sculptures that show the essence of a concept in a concise way. If possible, kinetics will be used since this allows to show certain functionality and results in a great viewers experience. I hope you will feel the motivational power and get excited watching the sculptures. Above all, simply enjoy.

A sculpture can show practically any topic and is best placed in an area where many people pass by. A sculpture can be used to show the concept of a company’s product. In that case, it could be placed at the main entrance. Customers, get a better insight in the principle a product is based on, seeing and experiencing the sculpture will be remembered for a long time. Employees will see the sculpture daily, stimulating creativity and contributing to a common vision. The intent of any sculpture is to make people enthusiastic and to encourage to work on their personal aspirations.

In 2012, I was in the science museum in San Jose, California. Outside is a huge ball machine, also called rolling ball sculpture (RBS). After I did some research I found out that the RBS was designed by George Rhoads. In 2014, I had the opportunity to visit George in Ithaca in the state New York (USA) and met him a couple of times thereafter. He made over 250 audio kinetic ball sculptures. Rolling balls are great to implement functionality. The path a ball takes can be conditional, which means that the ball can go in different directions depending on certain conditions. This opens possibilities to implement logical and mathematical functions. Balls can represent many things, such as, electrons, bits, particles and also persons. Although an RBS is well suitable to show specific operations, sculptures designed by Menperium are not limited to this only, many techniques and materials can be used. Thanks to my background in electrical engineering and interest in mechanics, physics, mathematics and human aspects, topics in these fields are preferred.


Transistor show table with screen

This transistor show table is a great sculpture for a high-tech company to show the passion for technology. The transistor symbol will impress customers and motivate employees. The show table is ideal at the entrance to show a product or present folders, notebooks, pens or other gadgets. On the screen inspirational quotes, provided by Menperium, or company information can be shown. The sculpture is made of black scaffolding tubes. The arrow that characterizes the transistor is 3D printed and the tabletop is make of plexiglass. The support at the back is designed as a resistor. Optional lights can be mounted at the top ends. The size of the sculpture can be customized. The default dimensions are; height x width x depth = 190cm x 110cm x 90cm. The plexiglass tabletop; width x depth = 100cm x 60cm. The scaffolding tubes have a diameter of 48.3mm. If you are interested in this sculpture please contact us.

Binary Calculator

Binary calculation is used in nearly all modern digital equipment such as a computer, mobile phone, battery powered bikes, cars and much more. This sculpture is meant to show the principle of binary calculation. The sculpture is made from plexiglass, brass tracks and 3D printed joins. When it is completed it will be able to add four bits numbers with fully automated ball feed through. It will have a size of about 2m x 2m x 1m. On YouTube you can find a video of the one-bits version which is easy to understand. There is also a video of the two-bits version which looks more impressive. The three-bits version can add numbers between 0 and 7. Recently, the four-bits version is completed. That can add two binary numbers up to decimal 15. The next video on YouTube will be the final version where the 4 bits calculator that can be remotely controlled. The final version of the sculpture will be for rent. If you would like to surprise your quests with this sculpture, let us know.


These four dimensions are the fundamentals of any human organization, starting with oneself as a one-man company but also for a family or the company you work for. On the cards hanging on the sculpture, goals can be written that need to be worked on. The sculpture helps to work on all four dimensions to keep the organization in balance. The sculpture can also be used to discuss personal values and goals which is very important when people work closely together for a long time. For example, many start-up companies struggle due to different visions of share-holders. The sculpture can help to get a better mutual insight and to set clear goals so that conflicts can be reduced. Students Annabel Postma, Janneke Kroes, Koen Vogel, Maria Noordenbos and Rens van der Werff of the University of Twente made a video that sketches a use case scenario, enjoy watching the video. The sculpture is available and consist of 4mm thick transparent plexiglass. Depth and width are 54cm, height is 42cm. It can easily be demounted. Interest to obtain this sculpture? Let us know.

Digital feedback audio amplifier

For the company Axign a sculpture has been designed to show the essence of their highly innovative amplifier, being an audio amplifier with true digital feedback that enables sublime sound performance. When the initial design drawings were available, the sculpture has been presented to the company to provide feedback so that the modifications for improvements can be made before physically creating the sculpture. This review resulted in some really nice additions to even better convey the essence of the amplifier. Due to financial priorities at the decision moment, the creation of the sculpture has been delayed

Student assignments

In cooperation with Creative Technology at the University of Twente several students worked on sculpture designs.

How movements relate to emotions

First year students Jeroen Jansen van Rosendaal, Xadya Bruxvoort, Merel Meekes, Laura Kester and Heleen Kok worked on a rolling ball sculpture that address the questions; what movement triggers a specific emotion. Within the limited time and available budget they made a sculpture to show their findings, see this


They did a good job on this extremely difficult assignment. After this experiment a more concrete assignment was initiated, see below.

Physical phenomenon sculpture

First year students Karsten Dietvorst, Sun Ok, Pepijn Peeters, Philippe Tuinman and Gijs Verhoeven got the assignment to make a sculpture the show a physical phenomenon. They came up with the design of an hourglass to show “time”. The hourglass consists of a laser cut wooden frame with a plastic tube in which a ball rolls, that needs a certain time to travel. Many other topics were considered like; gravity, concept of a gearbox, equilibrium in a weighing scale and more.

Rolling Ball Sculpture simulation

Hanna Bruijntjes and Floris Veldhuizen worked on a RBS simulator for their graduate assignment. Hanna investigated the educational value of an RBS. She found out that seeing an RBS without any foreknowledge an RBS is mostly seen as an entertaining device, whereas the addition of some explanation the people start to see the concept and the “a-ha” effect occurs. Floris focused on the programming of a RBS simulator. The goal is to simulate an RBS before it is made for two reasons. First of all, the RBS can be show to the stakeholders before it is made. Secondly, functional errors might be found before implementation. A full blown simulator takes man-years of work, Floris managed to make the engine of the simulator the "Graphical User Interface" (GUI) is open for improvement. Hanna and Floris made an animation of the concept.

Enjoy the animation.

Quote sculpture

With quotes, one liners are meant, such as “It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop (Confusius)”. These motivational quotes will inspire and will hopefully make you think. Tom Morsink made a prototype of a sculpture to present these quotes in an attractive way. The sculpture represents a person that shows the quotes on a screen on its chest. Movements are added to attract attention and make you read the quotes open mindedly. The follow up will be to create a high quality sculpture with surprising movements, light and improved the screen content.

If you have interest in this sculpture that provides new inspiration every day, contact us and let us know.