Emotional Strength Development 2021

If you want to get the best out of yourself and want to further develop yourself, then the ESD workshop will be useful for you. We are going to talk about how to create vision and set goals. This will give you direction. In additional, human needs will be addressed. That helps to understand what people want, it applies to yourself and to the cooperation with others. The real learning is in the doing. Methods and models will be discussed that help you to get things done. The ultimate goal is to realize where your heart is, because that gives a feeling of happiness.

ESD 2020 has to be scheduled and will take place after the summertime. It will be a series of three workshops. Location and language, Dutch or English, depends on who will participate. The program will be similar to ESD 2019, take a look to get an impression. In discussions you are welcome to share personal topics but absolute no obligation, what you share with others is entirely up to you.

During the ESD Karin will take care of the catering with drinks and homemade snacks.
See her cooking and recipe website with wonderful pictures: Cups & Teaspoons.

Sign up here to participate in the ESD 2021 workshop.
The cost are €60 for the series of three workshops.