Emotional Strength Development 2018

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We are busy with our work all day and that is great. However, we are really motivated when we do what we like to do. Our work is an important part of our lives, but only a part, it is not the only thing. In fact, our technical work is a means to live a meaningful and happy life. Our motivation is high when we do where the heart is. But how can we find that? Is there a "human-body model" that can help us with ESD (Emotional Strength Development)?

There are various models and insights that are useful to further develop yourself. I myself have encountered a reasonable number of eye-openers during my career who have made me think and also helped and help me to achieve goals. Often it is not that complicated - but still difficult - to apply it in daily life. In addition, if we have a better understanding of ourselves as individuals, we can also understand others better. And what seems to be most personal is often most common.

To achieve something that gives us deep satisfaction, we often have to invest for years in ourselves. This requires perseverance and the development of a long-term vision; how will your life be in about ten years from now? Sounds logical, but who really thinks about that regularly? It is well known that it takes 10,000 hours, or 7 years, to become an expert and thereafter it does not stop. That is exactly the same for personal development. It is a process of years, actually a continuous process and independent of age.

After more than 10 years studying and working with this material, I would like to share my insights so that everyone can benefit from it. That is why I want to organize meetings in which I present certain topics during the first hour. During the second hour there is room for discussion. Nobody has to share personal topics, that is entirely up to you. Since there are quite a few subjects, I want to start with a series of three evenings.

Program is as follows (possibly some minor changes):

Meeting 1: Personal vision

Thursday, 1 November 2018
Vrijhof 583, University of Twente
Open, coffee 19:30 h
Starts 20:00 h
Ends 22:00 h

How to discover your values?
-> What is really important to you?

Visualization as motivator
-> Program your sub-conscience

What you believe is true
-> Overcome limiting believes

Where can we rely on?
-> Three universal constants

Goal setting
-> Get things going

Meeting 2: Behavioral Models

Thursday, 10 January 2019
Vrijhof 583, University of Twente

Open, coffee 19:30 h
Starts 20:00 h
Ends 22:00 h

You always have a choice
-> Another way of thinking

Interaction with others
-> Stages of independency

Human body model
-> Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit

-> Deal with fears and grow

The mind-set
-> Sub- & conscience mind

Meeting 3: Active Implementation

Date and location will follow
Thursday, 7 March 2019
University of Twente
Open, coffee 19:30 h
Starts 20:00 h
Ends 22:00 h

7 habits work model
Universal model describing:

-> Personal victory, public victory

-> Leadership versus management

-> How to positively influence people

-> How to reach win-win and synergy

During this ESD meeting Karin will take care of the catering. Before we start there is coffee with some goodies. After the presentation there will be a drink (no alcohol) and not ordinary homemade snacks. Curious? Take a look at: Cups & Teaspoons. Renting the room with equipment at the UT and catering is not free. That is why I ask a fee of € 20 per evening.

If you are interested and would like to participating, please sign up. This can be done by e-mail or using the contact form on this website, but you can also use LinkedIn. If you know more people who may be interested, please let them know.