Inspire to aspire

Know your values and realize ambitions


Feel the motivational power of functional sculptures

Peace of mind

Happiness comes thru our actions in all four dimensions of life


Understanding the essence opens endless creativity


To be proud of ...

ESD Engine sculpture @ Maser Engineering
Bart Sprenkels & Clemens Mensink
gained subsidy for ART of Tech
from ...
Creatieve Broedplaatsen Twente
Binary Calculator Sculpture, 4-bits full adder
Transistor Show Table Sculpture @ Elect
Emotional Strength Development Workshop

Inspire to aspire

Menperium wants to inspire people to work on their aspirations. Why? Because realizing and contributing to what you have in mind brings fulfilment and happiness in life. Working on aspirations and achieving results that astonish yourself, requires knowledge about how things are and continuous personal growth. Menperium builds sculptures that show the essence of a concept and provides lectures in personal development. Contact us if you are interested in any of the items you find on this web-site.

Inspiration thanks to sculptures

The world changes every day. How things evolve is unpredictable but it is always based on principles. Therefore, a good understanding of principles can help us to drive the change in our life. Menperium creates sculptures that show the essence of a concept, you could call that a principle. It is meant to inspire you, to make you enthusiastic and to get new insights for your own aspirations.

On the Inspire page you will find the available sculptures. We also build on commission. A sculpture is a great tool to express the passion for technology. It will motivate viewers and let them never forget. If you are looking for a sculpture or have a special request or idea, let us know.

Aspiration asks for leadership

Working on your aspirations in an ever changing environment requires personal leadership, for which an understanding of yourself is essential. There are several models and methods that we can use to learn about ourselves. Menperium provides lectures and workshops to increase your insight in human needs, personal development and effectiveness with others.

On the Aspire page you will find a summary of lectures. Lectures and workshops are perceived as analytical and no-nonsense. On the ESD pages you see the program of workshops. Thanks to my technical background and work experience, I can explain how these models apply to daily life. In an ESD workshops or as guest speaker I could shine a new light on yourself. What is your preference?

Interested in lectures or sculptures, or other suggestions?