Inspire to aspire

Know your values, follow your aspirations and work on your goals

Peace of mind

Happiness comes thru our actions in all four dimensions of life


Understanding the essence opens endless creativity


Feel the motivational power of functional sculptures


Why do we do, what we do?

It seems a simple question but in fact it is not, it is affected by so many conditions in life. However, there are three factors that are certain, things we can rely on. First of all, the world is dynamic, there are always activities are ongoing, anytime, anywhere. Consequently, opportunities come and go. It is our challenge to find our own way and to get involved in the things that give us most gratification. This brings us to the second factor; ourselves. We are humans who have the ability to make choices. We can determine our own attitude. Making the right choices requires self-awareness, values and vision. Luckily such skills can be learned and insights can be gained. The third factor where we can rely on concerns axioms and principles. These are fundamentals that are universal and always true, by definition. Fighting against fundamentals is useless since we will lose. As examples, the law of gravity cannot be ignored, or trust and trustworthiness must go together in a sustainable relation. Menperium focuses on all three factors.

Contributing to technological evolution in electronics
Lecturing and workshops in personal development
Principles Creating sculptures to experience the essence

Understanding yourself

Happiness is when your thoughts are in harmony with what you do. Happiness is the result of everybody's need to contribute to something. Pleasure during the journey is great but will not give the satisfaction of being valuable. Satisfaction comes mainly from appreciation by other people. Becoming the person you would like to be is luckily largely under our control. However, the practice is sometimes hard. First of all, mastering our own mind is tough from time to time. Secondly, dealing with others asks for empathic listening and a lot of patience. Then there is the execution, that requires proactivity, flexibility, perseverance and more. Fortunately, a strong character can be build and habits can be learned. Being active in this field for more than ten years, I provide lectures and can speak from own experience. The intent of a lecture is to encourage you to work on your ambitions and give insights in what it is that drives us. But only through commitment to yourself things will happen for you.

Experience principles

Menperium also makes functional sculptures to really experience the essence of a concept. One should think of a 3D object that shows a certain topic, somehow similar to a painting. Literally seeing a physical sculpture will create enthusiasm, which is especially true for kinetic sculptures where things move to show a certain functionality. The subject of a sculpture can be virtually anything. A sculpture could be used to show a company's product or technology in a distinctive way and could be placed at the main entrance, for example. Customers will never forget and employees will see the sculpture daily, contributing to common vision in the company. Or a sculpture can show a generic principle, to be placed in a public area. Comparable to a skeleton in a medical center. Experiencing the message of a sculpture helps a little bit to get a better perspective of the world around us, making it easier and more fun to find our way moving towards our desired goals.

Interested in lectures or sculptures, or other suggestions?